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ASW Racing dominates the 7th stage of the Brazilian Motocross 2018

23 October 2018|

Carlos Campano, Fabio Santos, Tallys Nathan, Wellington Garcia and Henrique Henicka dominated the races in Caldas Novas, Goiás, on Sunday, 21

ASW Big Trail

17 October 2018|

New ways for national motorcycling

Bárbara Neves, is the new Latin American Champion of Enduro

10 October 2018|

Athlete wins the four stages in two days for Women Open Junior in Chile, and celebrates the first international title of the career

ASW Racing at the Motocross of Nations (MXON)

9 October 2018|

This weekend, October 6th and 7th happened the Motocross of Nations, held in the city of Buchanan, Michigan, USA. The

Jean Ramos on the podium of the 3rd stage of Arena Cross 2018, in Boituva

9 October 2018|

Photo: Marcelo Zambrana  The third round of the Arena Cross Brazil 2018 happened this Saturday, 6, in the city of

Safety and style: meet the new ASW Fusion & ASW Core Helmets

5 October 2018|

The new ASW Fusion helmet is a product that complements the ASW Moto 2019 collection. Recognized for its innovative ventilation

ASW at the top of the podium of the Brazilian Enduro FIM

2 October 2018|

Patos de Minas (MG) - The Brazilian Enduro Championship FIM celebrated the champions of the 2018 season in the final,

ASW Bike 19: We Are Specialists In Cyclists

30 August 2018|

August was marked as a month of great news for ASW and, consequently, for the national cycling market. With the

ASW Bike 19 Collection | Challenge yourself

14 August 2018|

The ASW 19 collection arrives with the following proposal: to encourage the fans of the off-road culture to leave their

ASW Moto 19 Collection | Challenge yourself

14 August 2018|

The ASW 19 collection arrives with the following proposal: to encourage the fans of the off-road culture to leave their

Podium Glory Gear Set: The First Step to the ASW 2019 Collection

19 July 2018|

Starting the new phase of ASW products, the ASW Podium Glory gear set comes as a premium product

13th MXGP Stage | Asia

11 July 2018|

Semarang, Indonesia, hosted the Asia GP of the Motocross World Championship this weekend. The 13th stage was electrifying and the

Ricardo Martins is runner-up of the Rally Caminhos da Neve 2018

3 July 2018|

Rain, cold and smooth stone tracks marked the 2018 edition of the Rally Caminhos da Neve, which happened during the

ASW riders in the final stretch of the Brazilian Enduro Championship

3 July 2018|

ASW riders competed this weekend for another stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship. The fifth stage of the Championship took

Gustavo Pessoa is the new rider of Bike It DRT Kawasaki

2 July 2018|

Once again ASW boosts brazilian MX. With previous big strides in foreign championships, it's time to make history again at

Bernardo Cruz in 5th place at the Crankworx Whip Offs

26 June 2018|

The dust has settled on the third Official Whip-Off Championships of the 2018 Crankworx World Tour presented by Spank. With

2018 XCO Cup Brazil | Goiania

26 June 2018|

Cyclists showed their strength in the 2018 edition of the XCO Brazil Cup, held in the Paço Municipal de Goiânia

Jomar Grecco and Fábio Amaral win the Enduro das Neves

25 June 2018|

The Yamaha O2BH Racing Team riders win the penultimate round of the season and advance to the final stage of

ASW at the OTOR Magazine June/2018 Issue

22 June 2018|

Once again ASW Racing appears in the international media. This time, it was in the June/2018 issue of OTOR Magazine

Estrada Real International Marathon 2018

18 June 2018|

About the unprecedented Carlos Tadeu de Paula Monteiro Short Track Challenge held in the historic center of Mariana (MG) on

ASW Podium Teams Gear Set | Limited Edition

12 June 2018|

Combining the quality of the Podium Tech 18 gear sets with the graphic exclusivity that only a few of our

MXGP Stage 10 | France

11 June 2018|

Hosted in France, on the Saint Jean D'Angely track, the 10th stage of the Motocross World Championship had difficulties for

CIMTB Stage 2 | ASW athletes in the best positions

11 June 2018|

The second stage of the International MTB Cup (CIMTB) was a great advantage for the ASW athletes. Demanding a lot

Yamaha Monster Energy Geração Winning Weekend

11 June 2018|

The Yamaha Monster Energy Geração Team came out of the fourth stage of the Brazilian Motocross 2018, held this Sunday,

ASW riders at the top of the 4th Stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship

11 June 2018|

ASW riders at the top of the 4th Stage of the Brazilian Enduro Championship This weekend (june 09 and 10),

Girls’ Cycling Suit: A New ASW Product

7 June 2018|

Extending the line of cycling equipment, ASW creates its Girls' Cycling Suit, which fits sizes XS to XL, and has

ASW in the 9th Stage of the MXGP | Great Britain

6 June 2018|

The 9th stage of the 2018 Motocross World Championship was played on Sunday, June 3 in Matterley Basin. The track

Hugo Prado Neto is The Champion of the Festival Brasil Ride

6 June 2018|

Botucatu hosted, on Saturday (02) of this weekend, the Warm Up Pro of the Festival Brasil Ride. Hugo Prado overcame

Bruno Crivilin on the Top 10 of the Enduro World Championship

4 June 2018|

The Brazilian Bruno Crivilin raced on this weekend two more stages of the World Enduro, this time in Estonia. Once

Enduro da Polenta Championship: Jomar Grecco’s 8th victory

28 May 2018|

It is already becoming routine in the Enduro da Polenta Championship. Once again, the capixaba Jomar Grecco made use of

Orange Domain in the Brazilian Enduro Championship at Biguaçu

21 May 2018|

In a weekend with specials sections disputed with a lot of mud and a complicated route, Bruno Crivilin dominates the

Jean Ramos on the podium of the Arena Cross 2018

21 May 2018|

Started on Saturday night, 19, the 2018 season of the Arena Cross Brazil. The races were in the parking lot

Bruno Crivilin makes history in Europe

10 May 2018|

After a tough race in Spain, where he faced hail rain, it was now time for the young Orange BH

Campano takes the lead in Brazilian Motocross 2018

7 May 2018|

Third round took place this weekend, May 5 and 6, in Fama, Minas Gerais. The third stage of the Brazilian

Bruno Crivilin is in the 8th place of the Enduro World Championship

2 May 2018|

A tough race, worthy of a World Cup stage. But that with the changes of the climate, it became even

Limited Edition 2018 | Bike

25 April 2018|

Unlike the usual ASW limited editions, this year's version contains not only new colors, but also new models that add

The victory and the second place of the Yamaha O2BH Racing riders in Portugal

24 April 2018|

Patrik Capila and Luis Oliveira achieved excellent results in the Portuguese league. Now, they practice for the next two stages

ASW athletes dominate first stage of the CIMTB

17 April 2018|

With the presence of the main athletes from Latin America and the huge crowd, the first stage of CIMTB was

Ricardo Martins in 3rd place in RN 1500

17 April 2018|

Ricardo Martins, from Santa Catarina, started the race for the Brazilian title of Cross Country Rally Super Production category with

Yamaha Geração Riders rate their performance | BRMX 2nd stage

11 April 2018|

The race occurred in the city of Rancho Queimado, Santa Catarina, on April 7 and 8. The Yamaha Monster Energy

Fábio Coelho and Jomar Grecco on the top of the Enduro Lavailama Race

11 April 2018|

Fábio Coelho Amaral wins the competition in the Brazil category and manages to isolate himself, with good advantage, in the

The New Colors of The ASW Fusion 18 Helmet

2 April 2018|

Recognized for its innovative ventilation system and modern design, the ASW Fusion 18 helmet arrives in new color combinations such

First BRMX Stage | Important victories for ASW Riders

27 March 2018|

The first round of the Brazilian MX Championship of 2018 happened on this weekend, 24 and 25, in Cornelio Procópio,

Third MXGP Stage | Spain

26 March 2018|

An achievements weekend for Darian Sanayei and, consecutively, for the Dixon Racing Team. With he fastest lap of his class,

Introducing the first ASW shoes: ASW Fury

22 March 2018|

Constructed from synthetic leather, with six ventilation panels that will keep your feet well ventilated and cooled, it has three

Brazilian Enduro Championship: ASW riders dominate the weekend in Serra Azul

20 March 2018|

After an intense weekend eith intense races, Bruno Crivilin leads the way and wins two important victories in the Brazilian

Second MXGP Stage | Netherlands

20 March 2018|

Hosted in Valkenswaard, the second stage of the Motocross World Championship took place this weekend, on Sunday (18/03). Jeffrey Herlings,

Weekend of achievements for the Sense Factory Racing Team

12 March 2018|

The great highlight was the victory of the athlete Guilherme Müller in the first stage of the Big Biker Cup,

New ASW Factory Helmet 2018 and ASW Image New Helmet Colors

9 March 2018|

ASW Image Omega Helmet - New colors Expanding the aesthetic options for ASW helmets, the new Image Omega model arrives

Patrícia Loreiro in 2nd place at the Santos Urban Downhill Race

5 March 2018|

In the 16th edition of one of the most iconic World Downhill events, the Brazilian athlete showed an incredible performance

First MXGP Stage | Argentina

5 March 2018|

The last weekend was full of great excitement in the opening of the 2018 MXGP championship season, which started in

ASW Racing & Bike It Dixon Racing Team Kawasaki: A New Partnership

1 March 2018|

The expansion movement of ASW Racing as an internationalized Brazilian brand is continuous. The company, which has a long tradition

ASW Athletes in the Podium of the Abierto Across Internacional 2018

16 February 2018|

The first major South American MTB event had Brazilian athletes as a highlight. Guilherme Muller, from the Sense Factory Racing

Tommy Searle gets the 4th place at Hawkstone International

16 February 2018|

The Bike It Dixon Racing rider made progress through the day. From the seventh lap on, he showed an incredible

Cannondale Brasil Racing is officially sponsored by ASW

7 February 2018|

Hugo Prado Neto, Lukas Kaufmann, Viviane Favery Costa and Sherman Trezza de Paiva, respectively, by Gustavo Lovalho. Cannondale, one of the world's leading

ASW Rocky 2018 – A New Helmet for the MTB Lovers

6 February 2018|

Bia Ferragi, shot by Rodrigo Phillips. Continuing the innovations in the ASW Bike 2018 helmet lines, the ASW Rocky 2018

Yamaha announces its teams and the Blu Cru project in Brazil

6 February 2018|

On January 29, Brazilian Yamaha Motor revolutionized the presentation of its teams, which will come strong in all genres of national

Sense factory Racing 2018 team: huge introduction event at Belo Horizonte

5 February 2018|

At an event held at the brand's new headquarters in Belo Horizonte, Sense Bike presented the athletes who

Limited Edition – Image Gear Set 2018

2 February 2018|

In new combinations of colors, the Image Discover and Image Race Limited Edition Gear Sets, of the 2018 collection, comes

Equipe Sense Factory Racing has a great start at Onça de Pitangui

1 February 2018|

Onça de Pitangui (Minas Gerais) received a lot of athletes again for the traditional race that started the calendar of

Kaique Milani at the 4th place on the American 4X Cup

22 January 2018|

Even though he was on a racing genre that he is not used to, the ASW rider Kaique Milani got

Jean Ramos: Arena Cross Brasil two-time champion

19 December 2017|

Jean Ramos concquered on this saturday, 10, his second consecutive title of the Arena Cross Brasil Championship for the Yamaha

ASW Motorcycling Gloves 18

19 December 2017|

2017 is coming to an end, but ASW's news not yet. Moving on with the 2018 collection, here are the

New ASW Concept Helmet 18

19 December 2017|

Light, ventilated and with the best impact absorption system of the market Now, the Concept helmet has two

A victorious season for Kaique Milani

19 December 2017|

2017 comes to an end and, with it, another annual journey for the ASW athlete, who accumulated a lot of

Carlos Campano wins the 2017 Brazilian Motocross Championship

12 December 2017|

Campano concquered on this sunday, 10, the victory of the 2017 Brazilian Motocross Championship at the main category (MX1). Since

Sense Factory Racing Team had a great 2017 season

11 December 2017|

Another successfull season with a lot of goals: that's 2017 for the Sense Factory Racing Team. 54 competitions with the

Innovation in the ASW Fusion Boot

28 November 2017|

The ASW Fusion Boot comes in a new variation for 2018: fluorescent yellow. With a new concept for the intermediary

Fabio Santos Wins the 6th stage of the 2017 BRMX MX2 category

28 November 2017|

Fabio Santos, from Yamaha Geração Monster Energy Team, won the two races of the 6th stage of the Brazilian Motocross

Kaique Milani is the 2017 Brazilian Champion

28 November 2017|

The CBX (Brazilian Bicicross Confederation) hosted, on the last weekend (25 and 26), the last stage of the Brazilian Championship

Marcelos Simões drives the Salão Duas Rodas’ crowd crazy

23 November 2017|

Marcelos Simões drives the Salão Duas Rodas crowd' crazy Biggest event of the South America motorcycling industry, the 2017's edition

Thales Vilardi leads the 5th stage of the São Paulo Cup

1 November 2017|

The city of Hortolândia, São Paulo, hosted on the last sunday (22) the São Paulo Motocross Cup. The event was

Luís Oliveira conquers a perfect season at the EFX Brazilian Cup

1 November 2017|

On a rainy day, the EFX Brazilian Cup ended the 2017 season on this sunday (22) at Guararema - São

ASW Riders are the main winners of the Brazilian Enduro Championship

16 October 2017|

ASW riders celebrate their victories of the last weekend's event (14 and 15) at Farroupilha (Rio Grande do Sul). It


6 October 2017|

Expanding its helmet line, ASW launches the new Core Helmet in the 2018 Collection. With innovative design and maximized comfort,

ASW in Europe for the MXON 2017

3 October 2017|

The international steps of ASW are solid as the 2018 collection. Europe is the new expansion foccus and the products

Thales Vilardi gets great results at the Fly Amateur National Championship

3 October 2017|

Starting on september 28th and ending on october 1st, the Fly Amateur National Championship occurred at the Hampton track (California).

Even with problems, Bruno Crivilin finishes in sixth in the Red Bull Los Andes

3 October 2017|

Bruno crivilin, 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs Silver Category champion, finished the Red Bull Los Andes, at Chile, in sixth place,

Jomar Grecco is The Champion of The Velho Chico Enduro

2 October 2017|

The rider from Espirito Santo won both days of race on this weekend. The Velho Chico Endurance is the last

L’Étape 2017: ASW sponsors the biggest cycling event of Latin America

26 September 2017|

Hosted in Cunha, the L'Étape event (amateur cycling race organized by Tour de France) had more than 2.000 athletes riding

ASW Racing at the Brasil Cycle Fair 2017

26 September 2017|

Experiencing a new format, the Brasil Cycle Fair of 2017 showed some new business opportunities, official competitions and brand visibility,

Brazilian Enduro Championship: Orange BH KTM Team and Barbara Neves guarantee great results

19 September 2017|

The Orange BH KTM Racing Team conquered an unprecedented result on the genre: the pilots mastered the weekend at Araxá,

Sense Factory Racing Team on the Shimano Fest Podium

18 September 2017|

The Shimano Fest event happened at the Jockey Club (São Paulo), from september 14 to 17. It was a success.

Rubens Donizete gets the 2nd place at the Shimano Fest 2017

18 September 2017|

On a sunny and hot day, the winners of the Shimano Fest Short Track 2017 were defined. Raiza Goulão and

Kaique Milani on the top of the Paulista Championship ranking

11 September 2017|

On this sunday (10) happened the 6th stage of the Paulista Championship, one of the most important BMX competitions of

Jomar Grecco wins the Enduro da Independência for the fourth time

11 September 2017|

Riding a KTM EXC-F 350, Jomar Grecco, from the Orange BH KTM Racing team, won the championship for the fourth

Enduro da Independência 2017: Jomar Grecco wins the 2nd day race

11 September 2017|

A day with a lot of tracks with a tight rhythm. That was the second day of the Enduro da

Jomar Grecco wins the first day of the Enduro da Independência

11 September 2017|

The first day of the Enduro da Independência Championship started well for Jomar Grecco (Orange BH KTM Racing Team). The

Six Days 2017: The Brazilian team finishes in the 8th place

4 September 2017|

Unprecedented results for the Brazilian team: the 86h place (the best of the team's history). Bruno Crivilin, Rômulo Bottrel, Gustavo

Kaique Milani on the CCBX ranking leadership

31 August 2017|

The 2nd stage of the CCBX Brazilian Championship happened on the last sunday, at Caraguatatuba (São Paulo). The most popular

Six Days: The brazilian team keeps itself on the top 10

30 August 2017|

The second race day had the same tracks of the first day. That could sound like an advantage, if the

Rally dos Sertões – Ricardo Martins on the 3rd place

24 August 2017|

Barra do Garças (Mato Grosso, Brasil) - After four stages of the 25th Rally dos Sertões, Ricardo Martins holds firmly

Rally dos Sertões – Even after a slam, Ricardo Martins holds to the 3rd position

23 August 2017|

The Yamaha Rinaldi Rally Team rider holds still on the biggest national rally challenge. This wedsneday (23) has Barra do

Rubens Donizete gets the 2nd place at the Desafio da Ladeira

21 August 2017|

The finish line was in front of the Bom Jesus do Matosinho Cathedral and the starting line was at the

Rally dos Sertões – Ricardo Martins got the 4th place on the 1st stage

21 August 2017|

Goaianésia (Goiás, Brazil) – Ricardo Martins started the 2017’s Rally dos Sertões on the 4th place of the motorcycling category,

Jomar Grecco conquers, for the fourth consecutive year, the IOR Race

8 August 2017|

Since 2014, Jomar Grecco keeps the leadership of the Ibitipoca Off Road championship. The race started and ended at Juiz

Campano wins the BRMX at Extrema (Minas Gerais)

7 August 2017|

The past weekend was fukll of adrenaline and great races at Extrema (Minas Gerais, Brazil), for the 3rd stage of

Bruno Crivilin is the first Brazilian champion of the Red Bull Romaniacs

31 July 2017|

The debut of Bruno Crivilin on the hardest Enduro Rally championship was supposed to happen on 2016. The rider was

Arena Freestyle crowd goes wild with Marcelo’s whip tricks

25 July 2017|

Blumenau (SC) recebeu sábado (22) a primeira parada do Arena Freestyle Show 2017. Evento pensado para entreter o público por

Bernardo Cruz wins the Brazilian Downhill Championship for the 5th time

25 July 2017|

High speed and a lot of dirt were part of the 2017's Brazilian MTB Downhill Championship, at Simão Pereira (Minas

Undefeated, Luís Oliveira maximizes his fame on the EFX Brazilian Cup

24 July 2017|

This sunday (23), a traditional motocross place from São Paulo hosted a high level event of national enduro. The EFX

Bruno Crivilin and Rômulo Bottrel are the Winners of the Paraopeba’s Brazilian Enduro

17 July 2017|

A weekend of winning for the Orange BH KTM Racing team. Bruno Crivilin was the Champion at the E2 category

Luís Oliveira is the fastest at Paraopeba (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

17 July 2017|

On it’s first time hosting the Brazilian Enduro FIM championship, Paraopeba had a remarkable structure for the 5th stage of

Orange BH Team dyes this weekend’s Podium in Orange

27 June 2017|

Double victory: Patrik Capila wins and Rômulo Bottrel stays on the second place at the Silver Category. Bruno Crivilin got the

Marcelo Simões had an amazing performance on the Arena Cross Brazil

27 June 2017|


Jean Ramos Wins the second stage of 2017’s Arena Cross Brazil

26 June 2017|



24 January 2017|