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ASW Bike 19 Collection | Challenge yourself


The ASW 19 collection arrives with the following proposal: to encourage the fans of the off-road culture to leave their comfort zones. The new slogan “Challenge yourself” makes clear the message that ASW wants to convey to the public: continuous evolution.

The new phase of the brand’s expansion also represents the exit of the comfort zone, which results in a new collection with the design and technology that will now be world references for the two wheel market.

Elite Helmet – New Gray variant

ASW Fun 19 Line

The Jerseys of the ASW Fun 19 line already have quality recognized by the adepts of the cycling lifestyle. Adding to this, the no-panelsFun line now receive UV SPF 50.

ASW Fun Peak Jersey

ASW Fun Prime Jersey

ASW Fun Frame Jersey

ASW Fun Frame Long Sleeve Jersey

ASW Fun Link Jersey

ASW Fun Blend Jersey

ASW Fun Cute Jersey

ASW Fun Prime Jersey

ASW Fun Garden Shirt

ASW Fun Garden Long Sleeve Jersey

ASW Delta Jersey

ASW Vortex Jersey

In the lycras, the highlight is the new Silver 3D Pad Lining:

– Provides excellent elastic property, comfort and softness;
– Rapid/Dry treatment that expels sweat and dries quickly;
– Superior fabric composed of several pure silver filaments with Antibacteriostatic & Antistatic action (combats the bacteria that causes odors due to intense transpiration, besides not letting create static electricity);
– In summer, keep your body cool and dry, as it transfers the sweat out. In winter, it keeps the body warm due to the coverage of other tissues;
– Medium density Air Padding, which positioned in the center allows ventilation and comfort.



ASW Lazer 19 Line

The new Lazer men’s Jersey model receives a wider range of colors, with an even more modern design for both short sleeve and long sleeve.

Now also available for women, the Lazer jersey has an ideal fit for various body types, with a silicone strip on the back, so the jersey stays in the same position at all times.

ASW 19 Fun Gloves

The graphics, colors and the new synthetic leather closure that allows total freedom of movement are the news of this classic gloves model.

ASW 19 Socks

The sum of 88% polyamide with 12% elastane results in 100% style and comfort. These pairs of socks arrive as one of the main promises of this new collection.
ASW 19 Girls’ Tops

Not mainly for cycling, these tops are ideal for various sport activities. Active models gain new graphics with amazing color combinations, while the Fun model keeps a more classic and simple style (including its modeling).

Summarizing the first wave of the ASW Bike 2019 Collection, these products are already available in the best stores of the industry. Stay tuned for the next releases and follow our social networks, as the news are just beginning.

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For more information, visit our website and learn more about new products. Enjoy and discover the availability of the products in the stores next to you.

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